Our Partners

You know that saying, “it takes a village”? It’s especially true when you’re working to launch a food business.

When we started Tip Top, it was important to us to have great-tasting pies that were made with equally-amazing ingredients. It was also important to source those ingredients from businesses that were aligned with our values.

Denver Distillery

The Distillery features our pies as one of their main food items, and have been one of our main supporters from day one. If you find yourself in Denver on S. Broadway, head to their distillery pub! We promise you’ll enjoy yourself.

Laughing Goat Coffeehouse

We’re proud to have our pies in all three of Laughing Goat’s locations — Campus, Pearl Street, and 55th Street. If you’re looking for a great place to hang, with a cool laid-back vibe and some live music, this is the place.

Savory Spice Shop

If you’re eating a pie with an herb or spice in it (which would be 100% of them), you’re enjoying the awesome goods from Savory Spice Shop. Even though they’ve expanded beyond their Boulder home, the care they take with their product and their customers is very local.

Boulder Sausage

We use Boulder Sausage for many of our bestsellers — the sausage for our sausage rolls, and the chorizo for our Brekkies. Always fresh, never frozen, with no fillers, MSG, or preservatives — we love them!

Other Cool People & Businesses

And then there are so many other people and businesses that have embraced us and believed in this whole savory pie thing from the very beginning. We have, as the Kiwis would say, heaps of gratitude for their support — and we’d like if you could support them, too!

Basta Boulder

Basta is one of our favorite places to eat in Boulder — they’ve got a single wood-fired oven they use to create all their food, and it’s ALL delicious.

Big Top Pops

Artisan ice pops handmade in Boulder, Colorado. Delicious, delicious, DELICIOUS — and perfect for all seasons.


City of Lafayette, Colorado

We feel incredibly lucky to have our storefront in Lafayette, and much of that is because of all of the things the city does to promote the arts, thriving businesses, and natural areas. https://www.instagram.com/lafayettecolorado/

Dorr Design

Cheri Dorr designed our logo and all our graphics, giving Tip Top its brand identity! We owe a ton to her creative talents.

Chocolaterie Stam

Stam is RIGHT next door to us — which is very awesome, but very dangerous. They’ve been making their high-quality European chocolate for over 100 years (and they have gelato, too!)


Community’s Instagram profile about sums them up — “Nothing brings people together like great food and stiff drinks.” We dig their focus on shared plates and connecting with the people around you.

Erie Coffee Roasters

We proudly serve Erie’s coffee and tea at the shop, and they’ve been great partners to us.

Flatirons Food & Film Festival

We’ve been fortunate to partner with the Flatirons Food Film Festival and its founder/director, Julia Joun. The Festival is an annual multi-day feast celebrating exceptional culinary cinema, and they’ve done events in Lafayette and nearby Erie, the most recent being the 2019 Coffee Fest.

Happy Cones Co.

Our friend Hap is the brains behind this New Zealand-style ice cream truck. What is New Zealand-style ice cream, you ask? It’s a deliciously creamy “soft serve” ice cream that’s about ⅔ homemade ice cream, ⅓ real fruit, and 100% delicious.

New Age Beverages

We’ve got a pretty solid selection of beverages in the shop, and it’s all because of New Age. Their commitment to delivering healthy beverage alternatives to the planet and having a positive impact on society is one of the many reasons we’re big fans.

Pastificio Boulder

Pastificio’s awesome pastas are made from organic heirloom wheat and are inspired by age-old Italian techniques. We can’t get enough of their Pasta Shop!

Pizzeria Locale

Solid Neapolitan pizza spot with beautiful thin crust and simple, fresh ingredients. They like to say that each of their pizzas is “an edible postcard, straight from southern Italy” — and we couldn’t agree more.

Precision Pours

Our pal Brice is a bit of a coffee legend in our neck of the woods — and when we can, we love to head to Louisville, Colorado to hang out in his nano-bakery and craft coffeehouse.

Schnibs Pretzels

We stock these scratch-made Colorado pretzels, and it’s everything we can do not to eat every bag of them when the shop is open.

Sidney’s Moto Club

A fellow Kiwi runs this custom motorcycle repair shop/club in Boulder, and it’s a way cool concept: a full-service bike shop with skilled mechanics, or you can work on your own stuff, DIY-style.

Soulive Design

John Ihrig, founder of Soulive and his team create super rad artwork for boardsport manufacturers. Their provocative designs really resonate with us, so much so they designed a series of stickers for us.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee

Very cool family-owned & operated coffee roasting company. Proud pioneers of bourbon barrel aged coffee. We’ll have their stuff on tap very soon!