Keep'n it reAL

Our motto is Keep'n It Real, from our ingredients to our attitude.

Our mission is to bring the traditional savory pie culture of New Zealand to America- in a fast, casual, fun environment.

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Our Handheld Craft Pies are built in Boulder, Colorado



Robert, a native of New Zealand has been in pursuit of the perfect Kiwi-style savory pie since transplanting himself here in the good old USA. He drove state to state in search of pie only to be disappointed by biting into a soggy bottomed empty, flavorless pie. Robert took matters into his own hands and that's when Christine stepped in. Christine, a French-Trained Pastry Chef was born and raised in New York City where she honed her skills as a chef and food creative. She was first introduced to the savory pie culture (yes, it's a thing) after spending many years in England. These two pie aficionados joined forces and boom Tip Top Savory Pies was built in Boulder, Colorado.

We believe pies should be good for you, so we craft each gourmet handheld pie with real food sources from people and places we trust. In New Zealand we don't use words like organic or natural, we just call it food. It should be a given that ingredients come from humane and sustainable sources. Our pastry is handmade using 100% pure butter, non-GMO and unbleached flour baked to a crisp, succulent golden crust. Our pastry has altitude, crafted and mastered in Boulder, Colorado to provide you with the ultimate finished pie. Tip Top Pastry is the first high-altitude pastry developed in the USA. 

Tip Top Pies are individual 5" round and built to travel- pack them for a hike, lunch, a day on the mountain or anytime you fancy a pie.



Yes, our savory handheld pies are available wholesale. We offer our best sellers as well as customized items that meet the needs of your customers and make sense for your establishment. We work with Coffeeshops, Cafes, Restaurants, Breweries. Pubs and everything in-between. Our pastry is also available to restaurants. Give us a call.